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Music / As a local radio DJ, I am fortunate to have access to a large collection of Hawaiian music. I’m either checking out a newly released album or admiring an old favorite, whether on vinyl, on cassette or on CD.

Concert Review

Flock of Noise

Concert Review

Concert Review / There’s something really wonderful about the acoustics of the Hawaii Theatre. The sound always seems huge and lively, but you never leave the venue with that annoying ring in your ears from having been exposed to high sound levels.

Race Relations

What’s it take to win the Honolulu Weekly Fiction Contest? Nothing short of an intriguing, beautifully crafted story with a local edge.

New Years Eve Guide

How will you spend your New Year’s? Getting together with old friends and creating sweet new memories?

Raising the Rafters: Bohemia in Kaimuki

A small, red-lettered sign leads guests into a driveway where a single lantern stands, illuminating a charming pale-pink house with a white fence. Stairs traverse a wide, high-ceilinged space.


Submit To Your Four Masters


Art / The Honolulu Academy of Art is famous for the quality of its Asian art collection and the shows it puts together, so it’s easy to take “Masterpieces of Landscape Painting from the Forbidden City” for granted. That truly definitive art from China’s Forbidden City is on display for regular people in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a kind of satisfaction in and of itself–but only if you make the visit.

Holly Jolly Garments

Holly Jolly Garments! It’s an unwritten rule: Buy someone clothing, be sure it comes with a gift receipt.

On the Town

Cheers Couture Diane Von Furstenberg, Aloha Rag, milk & honey The occasion: “The Cocktail.” In this economy, it’s natural for someone to want to get glam and Occupy Bar once in a while, right? Go all out in high fashion style with haute shops like the new Diane Von Furstenberg or the exclusive boutique collections at milk & honey and Aloha Rag that are sure to turn heads (they did on the Parisian runways, anyway).

Hawaiian Style

Soak Up The Sun Local Motion, Pualani, Hawaiian Island Creations The occasion: “The Beach.” Okay, living in Hawaii, it’s something of a strain to consider going to the beach an “occasion.” That’s why getting dressed for it is akin to slipping on a pair of socks. Going to the beach is like any other thing.

Get in Gear

Sweat Some Style Lululemon, HNL Fight Shop, American Apparel The occasion: “Da Gym.” Between treadmills and bench presses, they won’t really need you to look good, thankfully. But you can still help them in the process.

Stellar Sounds from Planet Oakenfold

DJ Paul Oakenfold deserves his own star sign. Right there in between something fierce like Leo and Scorpio–his sonic gravity is just that powerful.

Charitable Gift Guide

Philanthropic gifts are those that truly keep on giving. They can’t break, go out of style or be exchanged for a different size.

Get Down ‘n’ Dirty

Explore. Enjoy.

Giving is Receiving

Walk the Walk Honolulu Aids Walk Volunteer with the Life Foundation, a local organization that provides services to those living with HIV/AIDS, (as well as free HIV testing and education), during the 21st annual Honolulu AIDS Walk at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand on Sunday, April 15, 2012. Performances, food, prizes and family fun follow the 5K.

Clean A Beach

Clean a Beach Local Foundations Take your family and friends to participate in a beach cleanup: There is a cleanup almost every weekend if you explore opportunities with the Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Adopt-A-Beach Hawaii and Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii (B.E.A.C.H.). Surfrider’s offering a Holiday Gift Member Package that includes a one-year membership, a bar of Matunas natural wax, a bamboo wax comb and six issues of Making Waves.

Gift Guide

Giving Green

Gift Guide

Gift Guide / There are many amazing local non-profits. Here are just a few inspirational organizations that could use your physical or financial gifts.


Bodysurfers Rule!


Film / On a big summer wave at Point Panic, regular Barry Holt drops in on 56-year-old bodysurfing legend Mark Cunningham, who’s already deep in the barrel. “Ho!

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 12-7-2011

Holiday Gift Guide / The Art of Experience We can’t think of anything better to give this holiday season than the gift of experience. It’s a chance to enable someone to learn another language, or take an overdue art class, or to investigate the art of beer, wine, poetry or the sustainable scarf.

Green Your Holiday

Greener Than Your Tree Akihiko Izukura For those who need to embrace their inner Heather Brown or Solomon Enos, turn up your own creative gift ideas with resourceful and beautiful expressions of appreciation. The Honolulu Academy of Arts offers an exclusive opportunity to work with Japanese textile artist Akihiko Izukura, whose philosophy on art includes a reflection dedicated to zero waste.

Holiday Gift Guide

Gift a Masterpiece

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide / Jewelry 101 Bead It! DIY jewelry can make a great gift, but why not take it one step further and offer to “repair” your loved ones’ broken jewelry?

Holiday Gift Guide

New Horizons

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide / Just Brew It Homebrew in Paradise If you’ve ever worked in a brewpub, you might’ve hoped you could one day fill the shoes of the brew master. Thanks to Homebrew in Paradise, you can find supplies and ingredients for making your first batch–over two-dozen types of hops and over three-dozen kinds of grains.

Holiday Gift Guide

Techie Toys & Joys

Holiday Gift Guide / Techie Toys & Joys The techie: one of the hardest humans to gift for. With their e-encyclopedia droid-like knowledge on the latest and greatest electronics, it’s not enough to simply purchase the most popular item on the market–they either already own it, intentionally don’t (as they try to stay ahead of the curve), or to them it’s yesterday’s news.

Cool Gear

Loud and Clear Color Urbanears Techies live in their own dark world. Whether in the corner of crowded Wi-Fi coffee shops or their mother’s basements (JK!), you often see them zoning out on a mysterious machine wearing a blank expression and the universal Do Not Disturb sign: a set of earphones.

Fun and Games

S-E-E It to B-E-L-I-E-V-E It Nintendo 3DS This is not your dad’s Nintendo. In fact, it’s not even your Nintendo.

On the Go

OMG, Honest to Blog?! Sony Bloggie MP4 Cameras Everyone has one: The Friend Who Blogs.

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