Truth and Consequences

While the Nov. 6 general election is more than two months behind us, the consequences are still a matter of debate.

Mauka to Makai

Turtle Bay SOS

Mauka to Makai

Mauka to Makai / The Turtle Bay Resort (TBR), accepting public comments on new development plans in its draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) until Jan. 18, says it wants to enhance and protect the environment.


Juvenile Injustice


Community / A recent study finds that native Hawaiian youth are twice as likely to end up in the juvenile justice system (JJS) as any other ethnic group. And with youth employment at lower rates in 2011 than at any time during the prior decade, the problem may get worse.

Saving What Matters

Turtle Bay Resort (TBR) hosted a public open house on Dec. 12 to discuss a revised Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for its new expansion plan.

Tsunami Tag

In two years, Hawaii has had three tsunami evacuations, but wave heights fell short of predictions. Five hours into the most recent warning, on Oct.

The Election. What happened?

Widespread problems at Oahu polls in the Nov. 6 general election–including ballot shortages at 70 polling places–further eroded public confidence in the Hawaii Office of Elections and led some to question election results.


Tackling Homelessness


Community / Homelessness is rising on Oahu. The City and County of Honolulu recorded 4,353 homeless residents in January 2012, up from 4,234 last year.


That’s Downbeat, not Beat-down


Community / Chinatown recently made headlines again about street crime. On Monday, Oct.


City Council Races

Politics / We asked candidates the questions below, as well as their thoughts on the Natatorium and the homeless, the ban on business in parks, and transferring parks to private parties Click for the full questionnaire and answers: Honolulu City Council Questionnaire. State Senate race to watch As a freshman State Senator for District 22 (Mililani, Wahiawa), Donovan De La Cruz, a rail supporter, co-sponsored the controversial Act 55, which created the Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC), which, he told the Weekly, he viewed as a way to expedite urban redevelopment (“Macro-vision,” Nov.

Web Exclusive

Pick your mayor and your future…vote Nov. 6

Politics / IF BEN CAYETANO WINS: Your mayor will be independent and look out for the public good. You will have a mayor with a long environmental record (for example, of saving Sandy Beach, protecting Mount Olomana from development, starting the Whale Sanctuary, and organizing the campaigns against alien species invasion).

Mauka to Makai

Votes, Lies and Videotape

Mauka to Makai

Mauka to Makai / As election day nears, a former insider at Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP), the pro-rail PAC, has come clean about the group’s venal and possibly illegal tactics. Coincidentally, as this story was going to press, Former Gov.

Mauka to Makai

The Big Fix: Water, Sewers, Roads

Mauka to Makai

Mauka to Makai / In 2009, at the time of the vote for Rail, did we have, other than the claims of the supporters and of those opposed, enough knowledge to make an informed decision? Recent newspaper articles and letters to the editor show the public having an imperfect understanding, not only about the Rail project, but about other projects equally large in scope and economic burden: repairing and upgrading our sewage collection, water distribution, and road systems.

Mauka to Makai

Take back the Act

Mauka to Makai

Mauka to Makai / How different would your life be if the number of tourists in Hawaii increased five-fold over the next 30 years? This is not a hypothetical question.

Mauka to Makai

Gut and Replace: How good bills turn bad

Mauka to Makai

Mauka to Makai / Reporter Matthew Kain owed no apology to Hawaii State Senator Carol Fukunaga for reporting in the Weekly (“Hawaii State Legislature E-lection,” Aug. 12) that, “Fukunaga was among the introducers of SB755.” SB755, as passed by the State House, sought numerous exemptions from laws that protect Hawaii’s fragile environment, and was passed over loud public objection.

The Hidden Tsunami of Debris

A large, blue container with Japanese writing, which washed ashore near Sea Life Park in mid-September, is the first documented piece of tsunami debris from Japan. Last week, a concrete dock, also marked in Japanese, was sighted off Molokai.

Lie to Me

Given what passes for journalism at Honolulu’s monopoly daily newspaper, the Star-Advertiser, it may seem beside the point to launch an occasional column about our media scene with a look at the S-A’s ad-fat, content-challenged stepbrother, Midweek. “But nobody reads Midweek,” a friend protested.

Democracy Not: Sierra Club Oahu

In my last op-ed (“I dissent,” Aug. 8) I challenged the Sierra Club to properly poll us, its members, on what I called “Big Rail.” I telephoned Anthony Aalto, chair of the Sierra Club Oahu Group’s Executive Committee, to request a poll.


No-town Kapolei


Environment / Have you been to the Second City recently? Neither has anyone else who doesn’t live there, apparently.

Rail Broke Burial Rules

Let’s not forget history. Last Friday’s Hawaii Supreme Court ruling (Kaleikini v.

Chill Savings

Reefer madness: Got an old, energy hog refrigerator sucking money out of your budget? If you replace it with an efficient, Energy Star model (bought between July 1 and Sept.

A take-along voter’s chart

Click to view full-size PDF.(This chart was updated 8/10/2012.) Endorsements by Hawaii Government Employees Association, S

I dissent

While the Sierra Club does great work in so many respects, it also is capable of bad judgement calls. As a member of the Oahu Sierra Club chapter, I find myself compelled to offer this rejoinder to Rick Barboza and Anthony Aalto’s recent rhetorical dodge on the controversial position that the Sierra Club is taking in support of what I will call ‘big rail’.


Green governance?


Architecture / With sea level rising, and a state goal of 70 percent clean energy (40 percent from renewables, 30 percent from conservation) by 2030, we need timely action from our biggest energy and water users. In that category, Hawaii’s state government sits right behind the U.S.

Mazie Hirono

Congresswoman Hirono entered politics in 1980 as a state Representative and served two terms as Lieutenant Governor. She has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters.

Ed Case

Ed Case was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2002-2007.

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