Click for printable chart Publicists paid by HART or HART contractors.
Image: 2012 data from honolulutransit.org provided by "Deep Throat"

Is taxpayer money being used to influence the mayoral election?

Recent decisions–to build a rail from nowhere to nowhere useful, to urbanize prime Hoopili and Koa Ridge farmland, to approve Symphony Towers’ exemption from Kakaako zoning, to allow Kyo-Ya to extend 60 feet into public beach–all amount to another Great Mahele. It will benefit only the big players in real estate, development, energy, communications and political patronage.

The new power brokers have remade Hawaii into a plantation. Only this time, the population is the crop. You will be paying for this and so will your children and–with HECO providing the electricity to power the trains, with annual rate raises so they can continue to pay shareholders their 12 percent interest to justify millions in executive pay–so will every generation to come.

It’s time to follow the money, a phrase popularized by “Deep Throat” in the most famous political scandal of our time. We want to know who’s feeding at the trough, who’s getting the revolving-door job, whose spouse is doing consulting for the machine, and what induced all the former environmentalists on the Land Use Commission to suddenly turn into shills for development. We’re up against PB Americas (Parsons Brinckerhoff) a city/HART contractor and monster corporation that routinely launders taxpayer dollars–your dollars–to defeat candidates who might oppose its development projects. As mayoral candidate and former Gov. Ben Cayetano notes on in the interview on the following page, PB, fellow HART contractor Infraconsult and others have outsourced 20-odd PR consultants, many who served in the Mufi Hannemann administration, to sell and re-sell rail. (See the chart.) They include Elisa Yadao and Laura Pennington (the latter being principal of Lychee Productions), who served on Hannemann’s transition team with Joseph G. Pickard, who chaired the search committees for the city departments of Planning & Permitting and Design & Construction. Pickard is president of Community Planning and Engineering (CPE), which has employed Nalani Dahl, a PB contractor. Check out PB contractor Doug Carlson’s Ben-dissing blog, [yes2rail.blogspot.com].

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