Politics / We asked candidates the questions below, as well as their thoughts on the Natatorium and the homeless, the ban on business in parks, and transferring parks to private parties

Click for the full questionnaire and answers: Honolulu City Council Questionnaire.

State Senate race to watch

As a freshman State Senator for District 22 (Mililani, Wahiawa), Donovan De La Cruz, a rail supporter, co-sponsored the controversial Act 55, which created the Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC), which, he told the Weekly, he viewed as a way to expedite urban redevelopment (“Macro-vision,” Nov. 23),

De La Cruz also sponsored Senate Bill 2927, which would have let counties develop special planning districts around transit-oriented development (TOD), and drove 12 Democratic Party members to seek his censure for violating environmental principles. Neither the bill nor the censure effort survived.

De La Cruz’s Republican challenger, Charles “Bo” Aki, opposes rail and reclassifying ag land for housing. He says that, if elected, he would vote to repeal Act 55 and the PLDC. For Aki’s positions on more issues, go to http://[www.kanuhawaii.org]