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In early December, Hawaiian Style opened where Quiksilver used to be on Kapiolani Boulevard. The store sells the usual surf merchandise: surfboards, shirts, swimsuits and–yes–pies.

Since opening a third location in November, Eggs ‘n Things (established in Hawaii in 1974) has extended the tourist hotspot from the heart of Waikiki to international shopping destination Ala Moana Center, all while preserving what makes the restaurant chain popular. With creamy yellow walls adorned with vintage photographs of Hawaii and light fixtures hanging above booths and tables, the Ala Moana location of Eggs ‘n Things is the type of diner you might not expect to find near a fast-paced urban shopping center.

A bistro evokes thoughts of Parisian restaurants serving classic, homey, deceptively simple cooking such as cassoulet, the original pork and beans. Now, adding to the distinguished yet sparse selection of Honolulu bistros–JJ Bistro, Duc’s Bistro and Le Bistro, to name a few–is HASR Bistro, which opened its French doors in October.

Without the Northern blaze of fall leaves and snow, the idea of winter squash–with its thick, starchy skin–loses some relevance in the tropics. An example: Hawaii’s obvious lack of root cellars.

Food Box

Food Box

Food Box / This is not your supermarket sliced bread. “Parents have actually said their kids like my bread .

This holiday season, whether you’re in need of a last-minute gift or some party treats, Cake Works has a slew of goodies that are delectable, but not too sweet. The bakery, known for their customizable cakes, is offering holiday specials in their already popular items–cupcakes, French macarons and scones–but seasonal and traditional desserts, such as Stollen, are available on a made-to-order basis.

When Holoholo General Store founder Jill Nordby discovered that 85 percent of our food is imported, she was shocked. After being a client of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) business on Maui, she moved to Oahu to begin her own.

A newborn portal to the wonderful world of olive oil is hoping to thrive next to the Paul Brown Salon in the small-business friendly Ward Center complex. Island Olive Oil Company is an extensive nucleus of foodie fun, where anyone with any level of gastronomic knowledge can saunter in, grab a few bites of crusty bread and dip oils and balsamic vinegars to their heart’s content.

The average American’s pizza palate has been numbed by chain-restaurant pies topped with (snore) lots of cheese (with extra cheese, please) and messy meats. On the flip side, thereʻs zpizza, which prioritizes organic and local ingredients, crafting a fresh, tasty product that breaks the mold–or the pizza pan, if you will.

In a fast-paced world of cookie-cutter chain restaurants with production-line food, it is comforting to go to a place once in a while where you can sit down and chat with the guy behind the bar as he cooks your food. In our Nov.

Can’t face making the whole feast this year? Below are some ideas.

Persimmon. Does the name give your mouth a pucker feel?

Growing closer to the land requires more than just sentiment and far-away support–it demands the spread of knowledge. And that’s exactly what the North Shore Organic Farm Film Series, sponsored by Hawaii SEED and Label It Hawaii, is aimed toward.

By definition, the Chicago deep dish pizza is too big, with too much crust, cheese and sauce. A lot of people like it tht way.

True Community Support Agriculture is a system in which consumers invest in a farm, buying either a non-working or working (farm labor required) share and receiving their return on investment in the form of food. That’s rare here.

The flyer just appeared on my desk: “Bitches With Kitchens,” it said, and invited the reader to ”stand up and fight for our rights as home-based business owners and mamapreneurs” and named a date and place for a hearing. I was bummed because I had missed the date, wondered what the issue was that was threatening home-based cooking, In other words, I bought the whole thing at face value.

If the KCC Farm Bureau Farmers Market is a loud BBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, the Wednesday evening Farm Bureau Farmers Market on the lawn in front of the Blaisdell Concert Hall is a hushed hmmmmmm. You’ll see some familiar vendors — ‘Nalo Farms, Akamai Oat Cakes, Pacific Kool, Otsuji Farm (not just produce but oh, those sushi sliders!), Pig and the Lady, Zaratez tacos, Soul, and so on — and some with which you are perhaps not so familiar.

Challah (ha-LA; roll the “h” back in you throat so it comes out as though you’re clearing your throat) is Sabbath bread, served at the Friday night meal commanded of observant Jews to open their day of rest each week. But in New York and other cities with large Jewish populations, it’s also a favorite sandwich bread and many bakeries make challah rolls stuffed with meats or other ingredients.

Irony: As a consulting nutritionist to individuals, schools and businesses, Deanna Moncrief knew it was important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. But she didn’t like her own salads.

When Alan Wong’s pastry chef Michelle Kerr was a little girl, her grandma used to make a shave ice treat: vanilla ice cream and a handful of homemade mochi balls topped with a mound of flavored shave ice. She never forgot the pleasures of that sweet-chewy-icy confection.

For anyone spending a day in Waikiki, the picture-perfect itinerary looks similar to the formula of beach, shop and eat. After you’ve spent the day catching waves at Walls or tanning along the shore, the quest to find some delicious grub can be pretty difficult, considering the hundreds of food options along the strip.

We think Honolulu Burger Company is the best burger restaurant in town. Here’s why: 1.

Tangerines are showing up at farmers’ markets, reminding us of the days before markets were flooded with imported clementines, aka “cuties,” from Spain or Portugal. A form of mandarin orange, tangerines, like other citrus fruit, grow well in Hawaii.

Honey bears may all come from the same mold, but when filled with local raw Hawaii honey, what sweet diversity they contain. We tasted a selection from three small apiaries: These richly textured nectars turn plain tea to liquid silk, transform the daily toast and are the best excuse you’ll ever have to make scones from scratch.

When I was a kid, nothing would make me happier than a trip to the local ice cream shop. Now, nothing makes me happier than having a double soy caramel latte all to myself.

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