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Cody Kimoto's Broke Da Face Sauces

Cody Kimoto’s Broke Da Face Sauces / Back when Cody Kimoto was a line cook at Alan Wong’s restaurant, a fellow cook would ask “broke da mout’, eh?” when Kimoto tasted his sauces, to which Kimoto would reply “broke da face!”

“I’ve been saying it for years,” Kimoto says. A few years later, when he started a bottled sauce and condiment business, the company name was a no-brainer. Get a taste of his hot sauce, and it will “broke da face”, with both flavor and a spicy kick. “I always had a fascination for sauces,” he says. “I used to put gravy all over everything. Maybe [my interest] came from Rainbow Drive Inn, getting the mixed plate with gravy all over. Maybe it’s like the way a sommelier pairs wine with food. That’s Kimoto, who in one breath credits his passion to drive-inn food while alluding to fine-dining. It’s appropriate for a guy who grew up working in restaurants, from Jack-in-the-Box to Alan Wong’s. He prepares his sauces with culinary skill and with a taste for balance (at least as much balance as hot sauce can have), but the sauce labels reflect his irreverence.

Take Da Ring Stinger–a hot sauce with a hint of sweetness from papaya and pineapple–for example, which displays the tagline “so ono it burns twice!!”. And just ask him what the original name for the Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing was. The labels themselves and Broke Da Face Sauces logos are drawn by Douglas “Peppo” Simonson, of Pidgin to Da Max fame, all in the same style as that iconic Pidgin “dictionary.”

Currently, Kimoto sells three products–Chili Pepper Water, Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing, and Da Ring Stinger–at Executive Chef, Don Quijote and Tamura’s. You can also try his Chili Pepper Butter, infused with chili pepper, garlic, pineapple, and onion, along with his other sauces at the KCC Farmers’ Market, and Da Ring Stinger is featured at V Lounge.