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Image: Martha Cheng

Chick season

Food & Drink / If you’ve decided to grow more of your own food this year, consider the chicken. Now’s the time to order chicks: “Chicks are available seven to eight months of the year,” says Glenn Yogi of Kaneohe Farm Supplies. The rest of the year, during the winter, they’re molting and don’t feel particularly amorous, according to Yogi. “The best time to buy chicks are February and March, the first hatch, when they’re strong and healthy.” Pick your chick from a chicken catalog and Yogi will ship them in from Ideal Poultry in Texas. Popular breeds, Yogi says, are the Rhode Island Red, the Bard Rock and the Aracauna. He also sells meat birds, the “super big ones…like for huli chicken,” he says. At Asagi Hatchery, the only commercial chicken hatchery in the state, chicks are hatched locally, and three times a year they offer specialty breeds such as the Barred Plymouth Rock, the Buff Orpington, the Black Australorp, the Americauna, the Silver-laced Wyandotte and the Polish. They also offer smaller, bantam breeds such as the Partridge, the Golden Lace, the Silkies, the Seabright, the Mille Fleur and the Brahma. “If people are looking for something special, we can try to find them,” says Maxie Asagi. The hatchery is taking orders for a February hatch; the next specialty hatch will be in March.

Kaneohe Farm Supplies, 45-1048 Kamehameha Hwy # H, Kaneohe, 247-2792

Asagi Hatchery, 1830 Kanakanui St., 845-4522