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Breakfast Wellness Classes


Sun, Feb 26

Ola Loa Wellness / Breakfast is the most important meal of the day–or so they say. But sometimes, you doubt this. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you had breakfast, you still feel sluggish and hungry by 11am. The reason why this may happen, says Skya Boudousquie, co-founder of Ola Loa Wellness, is because many people do not make healthy choices for breakfast. Whether this is due to time, convenience or your budget, it doesn’t matter. In the end, it all comes down to the quality of the food you are eating.

If this sounds familiar, then drop by Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall on Feb. 26 for a crash course on cooking a healthy, nutritious and energy-packed breakfast. Since 2008, the founders of Ola Loa Wellness have been giving monthly cooking demonstrations and healthy-eating lectures at Whole Foods and this month the focus is on how to cook sprouted-grain French toast with coconut milk, tropical fruit crème and green juice.

“Instead of using syrups or sugar we will rely on the rich flavors of local tropical fruit, making this is a low-glycemic, super-nutritious version of a classic comfort-food dish,” Boudousquie says. The menu is dairy-free, so vegans and lactose-intolerant persons can enjoy it as well.

Past Ola Loa Wellness cooking demonstrations have included all-natural barbeque sauce with asparagus and chicken sausage, sprouted-lentil Indian dahl and a “breakfast” salad with a citrus-coconut oil vinaigrette.

Recipes and samples are, of course, part of the gig, but what the demonstration is really about is educating customers on how to cook, finance and incorporate healthier dishes into their lives. Boudousquie, a hardcore raw-foodist-turned-omnivore, feels that the most important thing for those seeking a more nutritious diet need is to “find their balance.” For instance, the upcoming cooking demonstration teaches us that it’s OK to opt for a sweet breakfast now and then, as long as it’s balanced out with healthier items, such as a naturally sweetened fruit-based cream (goodbye, Aunt Jemima!) and a vitamin- and enzyme-packed juice.

Whole Foods Market, 4211 Waialae Ave.
Sat., 2/26., 10am–11am), free. 738-0820