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Frostcity’s treats of the future

Frostcity / Just when we thought the future couldn’t get icier in terms of global-climate chaos, the Taiwanese put a new spin on shave ice. Not only is it neat looking, it’s pretty good, too. Frostcity, tucked away in the Moiliili complex that housed beloved-but-defunct The Well Bento, offers frosty desserts that are advertised as the love children of shave ice and ice cream. The flavors of each dessert are mixed and frozen with ice, then cranked out in multiple layers of thin sheets to form what looks like sweet stalactites or flaky pastry dough. Black sesame is a popular flavor, because it’s rich and creamy while tasting light and thirst quenching at the same time. Other flavors include milk tea, mango, lychee and even Horlick. Drizzled with chocolate syrup and served with a side of ikura-like sweet balls that burst with juice upon biting, this new wave of dessert is pretty awesome to eat (regular size is $4.75 and the large is $6). The futuristic-looking dessert isn’t the only thing Frostcity has got going for it. The hot dessert soup menu is a welcome variation to the icy variety of desserts Hawaii is already used to. Frostcity makes its own mochi, and the black sesame ball mochi soups melt in your mouth (insert SNLSchweaty Balls joke here). And being rooted in contemporary Taiwanese dessert culture, of course there’s a standard menu of boba drinks, as well as choices of hot drinks such as Hong Kong milk tea. And what FOB establishment would be complete without providing more opportunities for customers to buy things? Adjacent to the dining area is a small curio shop, filled with what could be called Chinese knick-knacks. Browsing the shop gives you something to do while digesting your new favorite dessert.

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