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Beach Bum Cafe

Light Up Your Coffee for a Tasty Brew

Beach Bum Cafe / There’s a new game in town for coffee aficionados–a rather elegant contraption that cycles hot water up and into a filter system. This “coffee toy” was first constructed in the 1830s and by the 1840s US patents were registered. Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco has reintroduced this siphon vacuum system on the West Coast, but locally you can try it out at Beach Bum Cafe. First, with a Bunsen burner-like flame, water is heated in a clear glass vessel. This shoots the water into the upper glass vessel. Finely ground beans are then added to the water, stirred and the flame is extinguished. That creates a vacuum in the bottom flask and the coffee is sucked down through the filter, ready for coiffing. You can get in the game by ordering your own coffee toy on line. Search for either Bodum Santos or Northwest Glass Yama Coffeemakers.

Beach Bum Cafe, 1088 Bishop Street, Open Mon.–Fri. 7am–7pm, Sat. 7am–1pm, [], 521-6699