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You're not dreaming: that really is a Maple Bacon Sundae.

As if we needed a reason to celebrate bacon
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Tue, Jun 6

Food & Drink / Bacon afficionados and breakfast fans rejoice for Baconalia, a two-month celebration of all things swine on the menus of Denny’s restaurants nationwide.

In a stroke of crispy, hickory-smoked genius, the mucka muckas over at Denny’s headquarters decided to fatten up their menu by offering seven new bacon-heavy dishes guaranteed to satisfy the protein cravings of even the most carnivorous diners. Some of the selections, such as the ultimate bacon breakfast and the BBBLT sandwich, are simply pork-laden versions of staple menu items, but others are more innovative and even a bit daring, such as the bacon meatloaf, triple bacon sampler and maple bacon sundae.

Seasonal food features are no new trend at Denny’s, says Ason Char, manager of the Lewers Street restaurant, but Baconalia is his favorite to date. “It adds a nice balance of salty to the sweet,” he says, referencing the maple bacon sundae, “and overall, it shows how bacon can really work in anything.”

Like the rest of the Denny’s menu, all seven Baconalia dishes can be ordered 24 hours a day, proving that bacon really can be eaten at any time–for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and yes, even dessert.

Runs through Mon., 6/6.