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Eating Aliens

Sustainable and still eating meat

Food & Drink / Some of us will never give up meat. So why not eat the invasive aliens that ravage Hawaii’s landscape? Hunters in Hawaii, Big Island chefs, even Bon Appetit magazine, wax poetic on Hawaiian braised boar, pipikaula, wild boar sausage and boar pate, but for us city dwellers who may never pick up a gun in our lives, or don’t thrill in the hunt, we can still have a piece. The only catch? You gotta go whole hog. Higa Foodservice sells feral hogs that are trapped on a Big Island macadamia nut farm and slaughtered in a USDA-certified slaughterhouse. Higa will break down the animal into familiar cuts (loin, belly, leg, shoulder butt, ground, etc.), or you can request it whole and cleaned with the head and feet on. But you can’t really request a specific size animal; whatever is caught is what you get. The average trapped hog size is about 40-50 pounds, cleaned, and the price between $7.50/lb and $9/lb. Once ordered, the pork takes about two weeks to come in.

For more information and to order, call 531-3591 or email [email: sales]