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Documenting the honeybee crisis.
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Wed, May 24

Nearly a third of all honeybee colonies in North America are dying every year. This isn’t simply a disaster for honey production, it’s one for agriculture as well. From apples to macadamia nuts, many of the foods we eat are pollinated by honeybees. Saving the bees saves our food chain. Queen of the Sun presents the bee crisis not only as a problem, but also as a symptom of an unhealthy agriculture system. The movie introduces some of the problems honeybees are facing, namely malnutrition, pesticides and parasites; while providing solutions via a cast of characters that are making it their mission to save the bees, like Gunther Hauk, who is building the first bee sanctuary in the world.

For years, Hawaii has managed to avoid many of the problems afflicting bees elsewhere, but recently, mites have struck local honeybee colonies, making this documentary very timely to Hawaii’s own honeybee crisis.

Doris Duke Theater, Wed., Thu., 5/18-19, 1 & 7:30pm, Fri., 5/20, 1pm, 532-8768