Food Box

J.J. Dolan's
Image: Matthew Akiyama

J.J. Dolan's 3rd Annual Pizza Eating Contest


Sat, Jun 24

J.J. Dolan’s / For those who think nothing is more beautiful than the grease glistening around Adam Richman’s mouth as he wolfs down three manhole-sized pizzas on Man v. Food, this Friday is your chance to witness the unrestrained grace of competition eating at J.J. Dolan’s annual pizza eating contest.

Last year’s winner, Jason Ubay, dominated 12 slices (the equivalent of one-and-a-half pizzas) in 10 minutes by stacking two slices and dipping them into a glass of water before eating. As the slogan of the pizza-eating contest says, “See it all go down. And possibly come back up.”

J.J. Dolan’s, 1147 Bethel St., 6/24, 5:15pm, [], 537-4992