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Kuru Kuru Sushi, Kahala Mall
Image: james okemura

Stacking More Sushi Plates at the Mall

Kuru Kuru Sushi, Kahala Mall / Fans of Hawaii’s conveyor belt culture can now get their cheap sushi fix at Kuru Kuru Sushi in Kahala Mall. The popular kaiten sushi restaurant opened a second branch on June 11th near the mall’s theater.

Like other conveyor belt sushi places and many hot pot spots, Kuru Kuru Sushi prices their dishes according to each plate’s color.

Sip on a bowl of miso soup or gobble up inari sushi on yellow plates for only $1.45. Red plates come bearing ebi nigiri (shrimp) and spicy unagi sushi for $2.75. For a couple extra dollars, feast on ahi tataki ($4.75), a rainbow roll ($5.95) or their signature donburi ($7.95)

Those seeking something longer can order from a variety of temaki sushi. Be it a tuna, natto or ikura (salmon caviar) roll, Kuru Kuru offers these hand-rolled sushi options from $1.45 to $2.75.

And, yes, they can satisfy your guilty desires for not-so-authentic sushi dishes like the notorious Philly and California rolls, as well as local favorites like chicken karaage and Spam sushi.

It’s a shame these foods travel at less than a mile per hour.

Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Sun.-Mon., 11am-9pm, Fri.-Sat., 11am-10pm, 739-5878