Food Box

Healthy Fast Food

Grylt, located in Manoa Marketplace, serves up fresh, local ingredients for a quick, wholesome meal. Steering away from not-so-healthy island staples like mac-salad and gravy-smothered meats, the eatery is a lean, mean healthy plate lunch machine. It’s possible.

Its design-your-own dining style starts with the savory plate ($9.95), and then moves on to the starch, the salad and the protein. The concept is simple enough, and yes we’ve seen it before, but choices like mashed cauliflower (instead of potatoes), kalbi short ribs and a variety of sauces made from scratch set this place apart from most, if not all, of the others.

If lunch on a plate isn’t your thing, try out one of their signature salads ($9.95), including a Mediterranean salad made with bleu cheese, candied pecans and sun-dried tomatoes. Top it off with any one of their five protein choices–steak, chicken, ahi tuna, tofu or shrimp. And if your sweet tooth needs a little closure, you can always opt for an açai bowl.

Armed with a former fine restaurant chef, Grylt also plans to expand to Waikiki and San Diego. Expect utensils made from sugarcane, corn and potato. Expect ahi with wasabi. Expect something very new. –Kathleen de Lara

2764 Woodlawn Dr., [], 988-7832