Food Highlight

Food Highlight

Buttery art baked right

Food Highlight / The popular bread roll among the Filipino community acquired its name from historical conquests back in 1521. Thanks Spain, for the idea. Thanks to the Filipinos, for the evolution of what was once just simply delicious bread to what is now a gift to mankind. Taken from the traditional concept of sweet bread rolls eaten at midday, today’s Spanish roll is an entity in itself. When Filipinos added sweet, buttery filling to this roll, they did it right.

It ‘s safe to say that the Filipino “Spanish” roll made in the Islands are better than those baked in the Philippines. This is a tried and proven fact. After tasting roll after roll, the props go to local bakeries such as Nanding’s, Valerio’s and, of course, Golden Coin.

So bake on friends.

Nandings Bakery, 918 Gulick Ave., 841-4731 Valerio’s Tropical Bake Shop, 1716 N King St., 847-7272 Golden Coin, 1833 N. King St., [], 842-0866