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Finding the Perfect Egg

Food & Drink / It’s easy to believe that Ka Lei Marketplace is a two-time champion of Kaimuki Business Association’s Holiday Window (ʻ06 and ʻ07). The little shop looks like Christmas, Easter and country store all rolled into one. It’s got a straw bale in the entry, flowers in metal pots, stands of local honey and jam. Banners reading, “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” are strung up like a parade. It’s festive, super friendly, and specials are listed on their website so a person can go in and buy, say, a dozen large brown eggs on sale for $3.20 (or a dozen medium white eggs for $2).

Eggs from the mainland can be weeks in transit, languishing on barges, old by the time they hit your omelet. But the eggs at Ka Lei Marketplace are Oahu-grown, fresh from a poultry farm in Waianae. According to the girl at the counter, they are “the closest thing to organic” you can get: no hormones, no antibiotics, no additives.

Ka Lei Marketplace also carries some local produce. It sells Hawaii-made specialty items, salad dressings, lavender products. Or you can get egg accoutrements (the place clearly loves the incredible, edible egg), ceramic egg cups, glass eggs, egg-shaped soaps.

When you bring your own carton, you receive 25 cents off your egg purchase. So, you can reduce, re-use and buy local all at once. Kanu Eat Local Challenge here we come! —

Ka Lei Marketplace, 3585 Waialae Ave., [], 737-7665