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Historic bar ages well

At nearly 78 years of operation, Smith Union’s Smittys (formerly Smith’s Union Bar) is the oldest bar in Honolulu. Some of their regulars have been patronizing the bar for over 30 years. And one of their customers, who also happens to be 78 years old, has been frequenting the bar since she was just 19.

What keeps them coming? Perhaps it’s the seedy history of Hotel Street. Maybe it’s the Hawaiiana décor with indoor waterfalls. And then, there are of course the economical incentives.

The happy hour at Smittys is more like a happy day, running from 9am to 6pm. And it gets better: their morning power hour (10–11am) features $2 well drinks and $2 domestic beers.

Free karaoke on Monday and Tuesday nights, evening power hour Monday through Thursday nights (10-11pm) featuring $2.50 well drinks and $2.50 domestic beers and drink specials that’ll make any Bostonian drool.

Thank You, Smittys. We’re glad you’re still here.

Smith Union’s Smittys, 19 N. Hotel St., 538-9145