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Image: Photo by John Lupton

Ruffle- Free Food

Because local poultry farms are in flux and supplies of sustainably produced fowl are limited at this high-demand time of year, search, call and order in advance before you assume you can not only score a drive-by bird, but, given the season, have the pick of the flock at your local market.


Heirloom, humanely raised, organic, antibiotic-free, free-range turkeys will, as usual, be found at specialty stores such as Whole Foods, Kokua Market and The Source at upwards of $2 per pound.

Kokua Market is bringing in frozen, Shelton free-range, organic turkeys from the California family farm. Kokua general manager Larry Kirby said he can’t give an exact price yet, but he expects delivery on Nov. 11 and will know then. Customers are asked to sign up in advance for the size of turkey they want. Whole Foods’ free-range, organic and/or heirloom Mary’s or Diesel gobblers can be ordered until Tuesday, Nov. 23 at [] or by calling 738-0820, says marketing director Natalie Aczon.


Some of the better known local operations include John Swift’s Mother Goose Farms (a coffee plantation and tree farm that uses geese for weed control; []); Ben and Deb Discoe’s Ahualoa Farm ([]), Shane and Christy Fox’s farm on Big Island ([]) and Tin Roof Ranch in Haleiwa (call 778-9065). If youʻve no luck getting a chicken from the farm, no worries, sustainable cluckers of all feathers are also sold at the natural foods supermarkets above.

Wanda Adams