Food Box

Be their guest, be their guest.
Image: Anna Harmon

2 Kool 4 Skool

These kids can stand the heat. But for eight weeks, they’ll be staying out of the kitchen.

During this time, KCC Culinary Arts students are mastering front-of-house skills at on-campus Ka ‘Ikena restaurant, delivering fine-dining meals prepared by fellow students. Servers, and general public, rejoice–it’s your chance to make future cooks dance to your tune while chowing down on food that meets your snobby tastes (and wallet limitations).

The Ka ‘Ikena lunch is a three-course affair that lasts about an hour, and dinner is a full four courses, both made with local ingredients whenever possible and finished with a selection of desserts prepared by the patisserie class. Pan roasted, seven-spiced maple leaf duck breast–plus three other courses–for less than $30, anyone?

Ka ‘Ikena is a nonprofit restaurant. All proceeds go to the makings or the department. You do-gooder, you. Plus, if you’re not busy snapping food porn with your iPhone, you may even catch a glimpse of Maui or Molokai–Ka ‘Ikena means “the view,” named so for its 180-degree panorama from Diamond Head to Hawaii Kai.

This opportunity arises twice a semester, each time with varied menus and new students. This time around, grab lunch or dinner Tuesday to Friday through Dec. 2. Reservations recommended.

Kapiolani Community College, Ohelo Bldg., Ka ‘Ikena Rm., 4303 Diamond Head Rd., 734-9499