Food Box

Carrots making an offer you canʻt refuse.
Image: courtesy kya sustainability studio

Uncork Your Voice

NOT BREAKING NEWS: There’s a lot of protesting going on. From Occupy Wall Street and anti-APEC to rioting Penn State students, it’s a pretty cacophonous news week featuring voices of all timbres. Regardless of where you stand on [insert-hot-topic-here], point is people are being heard. Loud and clear.

The Carrot Mob suits itself on similar “protest” principles–rallying behind a worthy cause–but with a twist. A San Francisco-based non-profit, the group’s name itself is derived from the expression “carrot or stick.” In this case, buyers influence positive change by spending money (carrot) as opposed to boycotting (stick).

In the first of its kind in Hawaii, a mob of conscious consumers who love wine and beer culture will peacefully assemble at The Wine Stop–chosen based on it’s operating as a local business interested in becoming more sustainable. “They’re also our neighbor, located around the block, and part of a program called The McCully Mile, where we reach out to schools and businesses in the area to help implement sustainability,” says Sean Connelly, Creative Director of KYA Sustainability Studio, the firm hosting the event.

For every $20 spent, mobsters receive raffle tickets for prize giveaways. Ultimately, 80 percent of direct sales from this vino mafia will go towards retrofitting the building’s energy system. The larger the group, the larger the revenue, the larger a step taken towards energy independence in Hawaii. Drink to that.

The Wine Stop, 1809 S. King St., Sat., 11/19, 1–5pm, [], [], 946-3707