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Make a Bubbies visit one of your resolutions.

Every season comes with it’s flavors and recipes–those signature flavors that we look forward to every year–but we eventually must also bid a fond farewell. What is it about the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks or an eggnog-flavored shake from Jack in the Box that tastes so good? Are they really that tasty? Or is it just the fact that they are only available for a finite period of time?

When it comes to an establishment like Bubbies, the Moiliili dessert parlor famous for its mochi ice cream, seasonal additions are amazing, and not just because they’ll only be around for a couple of months. During Halloween, Bubbies made a pumpkin mochi ice cream that I could easily eat year round, complete with nutmeg, cinnamon and five spices. While I was devastated to return in December and find the pumpkin flavor gone, two new Christmas options, chocolate covered eggnog and candy cane, immediately cheered my spirits.

The chocolate covered eggnog flavor is even better than it sounds. With a hint of holiday spice, the mochi surrounding the ice cream is the perfect balance to the strong flavor of the center. The candy cane mochi ice cream is like Christmas wrapped into a ball, bursting with peppermint, but with a fresh, snowy aftertaste that lingers and will leave you wanting another! The candy cane and eggnog mochi ice cream specials at Bubbies won’t be around much longer, so get ‘em while they’re cold, because as they say, all good things do come to an end… That is until next year! —

Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts, 1010 University Ave., [], 949-8984
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