Food Box

Image: Courtesy Tiki’is Grill & Bar

After leading the kitchen team at Roy’s for 10 years, executive chef Ronnie Nasuti received an offer he couldn’t refuse from Tiki’s Grill & Bar. Since then, Nasuti has updated the menu to include more locally sourced produce and meats. Picture this: avocado wood-smoked island pork with caramelized Maui sweet onions glazed with guava jelly and Kauaʻi poha berries–simply called Kahaluʻu Smoked Meat.

Tiki’s practices sustainability not only in its kitchen, but also in other parts of its operations. The locally-owned and operated restaurant uses corn-based biodegradable to-go containers and donates all excess food to Aloha Harvest, instead of letting it rot in the the landfill. The green-conscious restaurant also separates food waste so it can be fed to livestock at local farms and converts incandescent and fluorescent lighting into energy-saving LED lighting.

Live music. Waikiki beach sunset. Free valet parking. Thinking about a holiday gift bargain? Buy $100 in gift certificates and receive a $20 bonus gift certificate. Available online and in holiday themes.

2570 Kalakaua Ave., [], 923-TIKI