Food Box

Slice, dice, dine.

Pies rotating in a diner’s glass stand, pies on the neighbor’s porch, pies proffered by friends visiting for dinner. Pie is the “aloha” staple of the Midwest–a region with a casserole-style taste that can be hard to find on Oahu. But the key lime pie at Hog Island BBQ in Kaimuki captures the Midwest treat’s vibe in a simple bite: comfort, custard and crumble.

This island version is made at the hands of Collette Cabrera, a 39-year-old, KCC-trained pastry chef born and raised in Kaimuki. “It’s a very basic recipe,” she says. “I just changed some of the ingredients to curb my liking, ‘cause I like it a little more custardy and thick, and apparently there’s a lot of people who like it that way too.”

Her key lime pie is dense and tart, supported by the staple graham cracker crust and topped with a modest layer of lightly sweetened whipped cream and a sparse dusting of key lime zest. (None of that meringue business here.)

The pie was introduced a few months ago at Hog Island BBQ, a wood-fired meat joint run by husband and wife duo Wayne Kauppi and Marcy Sullivan, where, Wed. through Sun., you can pick up a slice for $4.95 and find out about pre-ordering entire pies. Bonus: On Sundays, they have surprise baked goodies.

Hog Island BBQ, 1137 11th Ave. #102, [], 734-1333