Food Box


Sometimes people just want dessert for lunch. If these people are in Honolulu and are geographically lucky or social network savvy, the city’s Puffettes Egg Puffs food truck is here to satisfy them six days a week.

Egg puffs, as truck owner Kent Lee explains, are a cross between waffles and pancakes. A sweet batter is cooked over a griddle in a cast iron pan that features about 30 indented circles, each about an inch wide. The final result is dozens of doughy puffs connected by a thin, crispy membrane. Each one can be broken off and dipped in custard sauce.

Current puff flavors are vanilla and coffee with the option of adding chocolate chips. “It’s like biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie,” says Lee.

“My mom used to have a little shop in Hong Kong, so I’ve known how to make them since I was little,” says the 28-year-old owner, who opened the truck in July. Lee has also paired up with Tiki Truck, which serves more traditional plate lunches, so if people aren’t satisfied with just dessert for lunch, they can come to him for just a sweet finish. The truck, with its bright yellow “puffette” symbol on a black exterior, has already gained a cult following.

“It’s not a traditional food truck; that’s why I tried to make the truck more fun,” says Lee.

–Anna Harmon

Open Tue.–Fri. 11:30am–3pm, Sat. and Sun. 2–5pm, for locations check [] and [], or text 232-7701