Food Box

Image: Morning Glass Cafe

Morning Glass Coffee + Café opened in July and now sits back, glancing at East Manoa Road. Outside tables catch a breeze. Inside, folks drink java, study, hang out and eat sandwiches or house-made baked goods (ginger scones, yum). Overhead fans turn gently. A bookshelf by the counter has copies of The Surfer’s Journal and The Hawaii Coffee Book. Owner Eric Rose talks story with customers. Whitewashed ceilings and walls complement wooden tables and rattan chairs. Windows stay open. It’s comfy. Everybody’s nice. It feels like Hawaii.

The laid-back coffee joint lists simple, tasty food options on a colorful chalkboard (“all made in-house, from scratch”). A mozzarella, tomato, baby arugula and basil sandwich ($7.50) comes on flat bread with a lovely combo of gooey cheese and fresh local greens. Thinly sliced house pickles and bites of pasta salad complete the dish. Saturdays and Sundays have satisfying, popular breakfast specials. Interesting lunch options, like Kulana beef pastrami and Dijon mustard on a seeded grain bun, are available during the week.

Friendly baristas brew coffee by the cup–which is rare and wonderful–in a Chemex filter that looks like a science experiment but produces smooth, nuanced coffee ($2.50). “Cream and sugar ruin it,” claimed a drinker who noted fresh, grassy flavors in his cup of Kenyan brew. Flavor descriptions of top Hawaiian and world coffees are posted on a white board by the register. Try ‘em all. Or get a latte. They’re good too. Morning Glass makes it with care.

PS Check out their pocket café in R&D next time you’re in Kakaako. Cheers!

Morning Glass Café, 2955 East Manoa Rd., Mon.–Sat. 7am–7pm, Sun. 7am–1pm, [], 673-0065