Food Box

Island food eats up screen time in Ingredients Hawai‘i.
Image: Ingredients Hawai‘i

Behind-the-Scenes: Local Food

Want to see a beautiful, passionate movie about the local food movement on Oahu? Don’t miss the Ingredients Hawaii screening Feb. 4 at Mamiya Theater, starring chefs Ed Kenney, Mark Noguchi, Jay Maddock, and the interns of Mao Farms. Director Bob Bates claims Kenney “gently twisted his arm” to make Ingredients Hawaii based on seeing his feature documentary on sustainable food systems in the Northwest.

“I got lost,” Bates says. “I realized I was making the same film again. It wasn’t until I went to a community workday at Mahuahua ‘Ai O Hoi and was standing thigh-deep in mud, weeding and planting taro, that I realized what the film was. Hawaii’s relationship with food has everything to do with the cultures here.”

Bates followed the stories of farmers, chefs, kids, volunteers and food heroes at work on Oahu. He found it inviting and inspiring here. “If you’re interested at all, you are welcome to participate. There are so many ways to be involved,” adds Bates. He hopes the film will be part of a greater conversation about culture, sustainability, health and environmental protection. He also hopes Ingredients Hawaii will make you hungry. So, come early for the reception. Or come to the late one and sneak in taro chips.

Mamiya Theater, St. Louis School, 3142 Waialae Ave., Sat., 2/4, 5:30pm, VIP reception, food, cocktails and discussion for the world premiere at 7pm, $45, second screening at 9pm, $5–$12