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Scotches from throughout the Scottish Isles will be tasted next week at The Willows.

Tango Whiskey Bravo

We’ve had a soft spot for single malt Scotch ever since our first sip while honey-marooned for 48 inclement hours in a tent in the Hebrides. As puddles became peaty lakes, our Talisker kept us sane, even cheerful. So what could be more fortuitous, given Honolulu’s recent blustery weather, than an early evening tipple with 30 o’ Scotland’s best? This Friday’s “Grand Scotch Tour II” at The Willows reprises last year’s very successful event. It also kicks off the 31st Annual Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games, running from March 31-April 1 at Kapiolani Park. “We’ll have Scotches from Islay and other islands, from lower Scotland, from Highland Park to Arbeg to Lagavulin to Balvenie to Scapa,” says Hugh Duncan, director of beverage sales for Times Supermarkets and Fujioka’s. “We’re going to offer a major discount on Scotches for sale, but also an additional 5 percent off the price. The only place to find some of these Scotches will be at this event.” Father’s Day hint: Buyers of Johnny Walker Blue can have the recipient’s name etched into the bottle. Duncan is particularly excited to offer whisky from a craft blender who “buys overruns from the big Scotch houses like McCallan and Glenmorangie and creates his own.” Heavy pupu from The Willows will postpone your appointment with The Haggis.

The Willows, 901 Hausten St., Fri., 3/23, 5–8pm, $70–$80, 952-9200; or Fujioka’s, 739-9463