Food Box

Peggy Ka‘ahanui has not a lunchwagon but a sharpwagon.
Image: Laurie V. Carlson

Can’t easily slice that beautiful Island-grown tomato? Canʻt figure out how to properly sharpen a knife? Call Mobile Sharpening. Not only will Peggy Kaahanui get your knives back to peak razor sharpness but she can also spiff up your pruning equipment, hair-cutting scissors and many other household items.

Her handsome black-and-white van makes its way around Oahu every week, delivering sharpening services to chefs, dog groomers and home cooks.

Clients include Genki Sushi, Cholo’s, Young’s Meat Market, Outback Steakhouse and Kua Aina. She is regularly in the neighborhoods of Kalihi, Hawai’i Kai, North Shore and Kahala.

Her van is parked in front of the new Kailua Whole Foods every Tuesday from 7-10am. If you canʻt make that time and place, itʻs best to call and schedule a rendezvous when she’s close by.

Sample prices for Mobile Sharpening:

$2 paring knife

$4 chef knife

$3 cleavers

$10-15 machete

$8 grooming clipper blades

$2-10 pruning shears and other yard tools

Sharpening takes no time at all–usually less than a minute per piece. Appointments: 722-7782.