Food Box

Ray’s: You’ll forget your own grill on purpose when you experience this Hale’iwa spot.
Image: Shantel Grace

Pretend you haven’t been to Haleiwa in say, a year. Am I reaching? I doubt it. Okay now let’s say you head up to the North Shore for the day, with the family, picnic get-up and kids in tow, but once you actually set up camp at one of the beach parks, you realize you completely forgot the grill. Bummer, right?

Wrong. Let us introduce you to Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken, a not-so-ordinary huli huli chicken foodstand located in front of Malama Market on Kamehameha Highway right inside Haleiwa town.

What’s so great about this chicken? If Ray and Colonel Sanders went at it in a boxing ring, it’d be a knockout in the first round, and the only person going home with the big gold belt would be Ray. He serves up to 300 chickens a day, and he usually sells out by mid-afternoon, so get there early if you don’t feel like standing in line.

The chicken is broiled and smothered in Spanish paprika and butter, and then chopped or halved according to your preference. (A tip: Ask for it chopped and spread over a side of rice.) The juices melt into the rice, the chicken stays moist, and a side of their pineapple coleslaw makes up for the fact that sitting under their tent means sitting in the midst of 5,000 hungry flies and and even hungrier geckos. So unless you’re interested in teaching your kids about the linear sequence of links found in a food web, take the $9 half-chicken plate lunch back to your perfectly chosen picnic spot. It’s so good, you’ll remember to forget the grill every time.

66-160 Kamehameha Hwy, Malama Parking Lot, Haleiwa, Sat. & Sun. only, 9am–5pm