Food Box

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Image: Don Wallace

No elbow grease this time.

Can’t face making the whole feast this year? Below are some ideas.

Readymade Thanksgiving meals

At Whole Foods Market, the take-home menu includes a roasted 10-12 lb. California-raised, free-range organic turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce ($99). Pre-order ASAP, pick up from Sat., 11/17; 4211 Waialae Ave., 738-0820; 629 Kailua Rd. #100, 263-6800.

Panya Bakery & Express is offering Japanese sides along with an 8-10 lb. turkey. There’s mochi stuffing, an appetizer platter with salt and pepper shrimp, spring rolls, gyoza and chicken wings; salad; and a choice of pie ($249.95). Pre-order as soon as possible, designate your pick-up time on Thu., 11/22; 711 Queen St., 597-8880.

Pumpkin variations

Cafe Laufer is famed for their desserts. A decadent, 9-inch pumpkin-apple pie ($14.25) offsets tart granny smith apples with luscious heavy cream and evaporated milk. Pre-order until 11/21, pick-up Thu., 11/22, 10am–1pm; 3565 Waialae Ave. #107, 735-7717

‘Umeke Market’s pumpkin haupia dessert is constructed with a light shortbread crust and a thick layer of organic pumpkin filling topped with an organic coconut haupia layer ($24.99). A gluten-free version $5 more. Plus, an added thankful bonus, if you call ahead, the folks at ‘Umeke will run the dessert out to your car, knowing how difficult it is to find parking Downtown. Pre-order 48 hours in advance, designate pick-up time for Thu., 11/22; 1001 Bishop St., Suite 110, 522-7377.