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The Best Spanish Roll that really isn’t a Spanish Roll

Food Highlight

Food Highlight / The popular bread roll among the Filipino community acquired its name from historical conquests back in 1521. Thanks Spain, for the idea.

The Pig and the Lady

Honolulu’s culinary scene isn’t tame, to say the least. Funky food trucks and lingerie coffee carts are pretty normal these days, and the Island’s newest addition to the food scene is an innovative pop-up restaurant called The Pig and The Lady (TP&TL) with Vietnamese influences.

Sweet Treats

This month, pastry chef Kanjiro Mochizuki from Imperial Hotel Tokyo brings Japanese-style sweets to the Halekulani. There’s a bamboo shoot verrine (a layered dessert in a glass vessel) that combines rice sponge cake with bamboo shoot Bavarian cream; cakes made to look like Japanese schoolbags, which pair chocolate mousse with jasmine cream and mango mousse with kiwi, strawberry with pear; and peach lavender cream rolled with a green tea sponge cake.

Outside In

There’s good eating everywhere in Tokyo, and some of the most fun epicurean adventures take place in the department store food halls. Shirokiya’s top floor has always offered a glimpse into this facet of Japanese food culture with takoyaki stations, tonkatsu sandwiches and taiyaki (fish-shaped waffles stuffed with fillings such as red bean and custard).

Gryl-ling Up Green

Grylt, located in Manoa Marketplace, serves up fresh, local ingredients for a quick, wholesome meal. Steering away from not-so-healthy island staples like mac-salad and gravy-smothered meats, the eatery is a lean, mean healthy plate lunch machine.

Collecting Booze

Liquor Collection

Liquor Collection / Looking for a cool local liquor store with a good vibe? Check out the Liquor Collection at Ward Warehouse.

Not Just Desserts

Not Just Desserts

Not Just Desserts / After opening numerous restaurants in Florida, New York and Hawaii, chef Kate Wagner has now opened a small shop in the heart of Chinatown. With a background in French cooking, she’s decided to bring her talent back home, and in her small café–Not Just Desserts–she carries chocolate cake, handmade chocolates and homemade cheesecakes.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

Kuru Kuru Sushi, Kahala Mall

Kuru Kuru Sushi, Kahala Mall / Fans of Hawaii’s conveyor belt culture can now get their cheap sushi fix at Kuru Kuru Sushi in Kahala Mall. The popular kaiten sushi restaurant opened a second branch on June 11th near the mall’s theater.

You Going to Eat All That?

J.J. Dolan's

J.J. Dolan's / For those who think nothing is more beautiful than the grease glistening around Adam Richman’s mouth as he wolfs down three manhole-sized pizzas on Man v. Food, this Friday is your chance to witness the unrestrained grace of competition eating at J.J.


Eating Locally in the Far North

Comes with video

Eating Alaska / Eating Alaska is a funny and sometimes serious film about the filmmaker’s own experiences as an urban vegetarian who moves to a small town in Alaska and is confronted with the question, “What is the ‘right’ thing to eat?” She goes on a quest, and along the way meets all types of every day Alaskans, from deer-hunting women to Eskimo kids in the Arctic, who talk about their favorite moose meat, to a vegan cooking class in Wasilla and even her own salmon fisherman husband. It’s a wry search for a meal that makes sense politically, socially, spiritually and tastefully.

Big Wave Tomatoes

A Haleiwa fresh fruit and produce stand is conveniently located behind Pizza Bob’s and designed for those who don’t want to mess with the frenzy of weekend farmers’ markets. Heirloom tomatoes sell for $1 a pound (which sell for around $8 a pound at Safeway), crates of local honey and preserves sell for under $10, and herbs and other leafy veggies are kept beautifully cool in a handy walk-in refrigerator.

One for the Road

Lewers Lounge, Tim Rita

Lewers Lounge, Tim Rita / Tim Rita, bartender at the Halekulani Hotel’s Lewers Lounge, has created a series of cocktails inspired by the Tinman Triathlon (July 24). Drinks are available from June 1–July 31 so you can schedule it into your pre-training workout.

Top Off That Tank of Vino!

While in southern Italy last fall, a group of Hawaii Slow Foodies stumbled across a wine co-operative in Solopaca, just north of Naples. The co-op was busy collecting and processing truckloads of grapes from the growers in the area.

“B” Movie

Comes with video

Nearly a third of all honeybee colonies in North America are dying every year. This isn’t simply a disaster for honey production, it’s one for agriculture as well.

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More than Rice-ipes

The Hawai‘i Book of Rice, by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi

The Hawai‘i Book of Rice, by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi / Only in Hawaii would there be a book of rice. OK, maybe not, given the multitude of rice-eating cultures.

Food & Drink

The Mint Julep

Mint Julep

Mint Julep / It’s the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and even if you’re not throwing a Derby party (shame), there’s no reason not to enjoy a Mint Julep, particularly refreshing in this heat. Here’s a recipe from Imbibe Hawaii, a cocktail catering company owned by Maria Burke and Kyle Reutner.

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Jamming with Spam

Ninth Annual Waikiki SPAM JAM® Festival
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Ninth Annual Waikiki SPAM JAM® Festival / Seven million cans of Spam products are eaten every year in Hawaii. If Aspen is known for its Food and Wine Classic and San Francisco for its Street Food Festival, Honolulu’s claim to fame may be its Spam Festival, the Waikiki Spam Jam, now in its 9th year and expected to attract 20,000 attendees.

Food & Drink


Food & Drink
Comes with video

Food & Drink / Bacon afficionados and breakfast fans rejoice for Baconalia, a two-month celebration of all things swine on the menus of Denny’s restaurants nationwide. In a stroke of crispy, hickory-smoked genius, the mucka muckas over at Denny’s headquarters decided to fatten up their menu by offering seven new bacon-heavy dishes guaranteed to satisfy the protein cravings of even the most carnivorous diners.

Food & Drink

Eating Aliens

Food & Drink

Food & Drink / Some of us will never give up meat. So why not eat the invasive aliens that ravage Hawaii’s landscape?

Food & Drink

Chefs and Farmers Food Forum

Chefs and Farmers Food Forum

Chefs and Farmers Food Forum / Given current supply and demand, food self-suffiency in Hawaii is unattainable. Some question whether it’s even an ideal goal.

Döner Shack, Baby

Dining on Fort Street Mall is a multi-cultural affair. You’ve got Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, American, Indian, Mexican, and now Turkish food to boot.

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Playing with your coffee

Beach Bum Cafe

Beach Bum Cafe / There’s a new game in town for coffee aficionados–a rather elegant contraption that cycles hot water up and into a filter system. This “coffee toy” was first constructed in the 1830s and by the 1840s US patents were registered.

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Reaching for Ethiopian food

Food & Drink

Food & Drink / Who would have guessed that Honolulu’s first pop-up restaurant would be Ethiopian? Taking over J2 Fusion every Thursday is Meron Spencer, neé Meron Girma Tsige, who creates an Ethiopian three-course prix fixe dinner for $25.

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Freshest Catch

Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch / Finding a good Oahu neighborhood fish market is harder than it should be. Now we have two great options provided by owner/chef Reno Henriques.

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A “Kissy” Coffee Shop

Kissaten Coffee Bar

Kissaten Coffee Bar / The onslaught of FOB-hipster-chic casual dining continues. Giving Yogur Story a run for its hangout money is Kissaten Coffee Bar.

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