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Ola Loa Wellness

Ola Loa Wellness / Breakfast is the most important meal of the day–or so they say. But sometimes, you doubt this.

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Jin Din Rou

Jin Din Rou / In its opening weeks, Jin Din Rou is loud, chaotic and crowded. Waitresses persistently interrupt your conversation and insist you eat your xiao long bao now, while they’re hot.

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Frostcity / Just when we thought the future couldn’t get icier in terms of global-climate chaos, the Taiwanese put a new spin on shave ice. Not only is it neat looking, it’s pretty good, too.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year / Possibly more than any other Chinese holiday, the Lunar New Year (2/3) is the most celebrated, with food at the forefront of tradition. Lucky snacks like oranges and harmony trays filled with lychee nuts, and eating fish the night before the Chinese New Year are just some of the ways the Chinese culture honors certain food traditions.

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Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture / Big Island coffee growers had it tough in 2010. They faced the most severe drought on record and confronted an infestation of the coffee berry borer, a beetle found around the world but only recently discovered in Hawaii.

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Restaurant: Impossible

Restaurant: Impossible / Calling all restaurants. The Food Network is casting for its series Restaurant: Impossible.

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink / If you’ve decided to grow more of your own food this year, consider the chicken. Now’s the time to order chicks: “Chicks are available seven to eight months of the year,” says Glenn Yogi of Kaneohe Farm Supplies.

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food & Drink / Most people know the Blue Lotus Farm stand, a fixture at the Saturday Kapiolani Community College farmers’ market, for its colorful shave ice, giant omelets and onolicious sake butter clams. There’s much more than meets the eye, and, in fact, it may just be the best-kept secret at the ever-more-crowded institution.

Padovani’s Chocolates, Blue Hawai‘i Lifestyle / The holiday season isn’t quite over yet, and neither is gift giving. For emergency holiday gifts, there are two easy shops to pop into for locally made edibles.

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Cream & Pinnacle Whipped

Cream & Pinnacle Whipped / Whipped cream is the latest trend in the spirits world, and two new products embrace the fluffy treat, albeit in very different forms. A new alcohol-infused whipped cream, unimaginatively branded Cream is designed to garnish (or stand in for) dessert-like cocktails.

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Food & Drink / If you’ve ever wanted a kitchen lesson with Alan Wong, his latest cookbook, The Blue Tomato, might be the closest thing to standing in front of the stove with him. It’s written in true Alan Wong fashion–cooking instructions embedded in a history lesson, accompanied by purveyor profiles, all couched in motivational speech.

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani / The gingerbread village at the Sheraton Kaiulani is an architectural, festive treat. Fourteen years ago, it started small, and over the years it just got bigger and bigger–an entire town in gingberbread miniature, incorporating medieval churches, a carousel, skating rink and mechanical toys such as a train and ski lifts.

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Cranberry persimmon sauce

Cranberry persimmon sauce / As a fruit, persimmons are a perfect encapsulation of the season: orange-hued like a pumpkin, with a hint of cinnamon holiday spice to its sweetness. Persimmons from California flood the Chinatown produce markets this time of year, but they’re also locally grown by the Hashimoto farm on Maui, which has 500 persimmon trees on 5 acres of land.

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Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes

Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes / Who would have thought that Honolulu’s latest sweet inspiration would come from the streets of Hungary? The introduction of Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes is a reminder that good food can come from anywhere–and especially from a wooden trailer that looks like it drove out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

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Sabai Dee Thai Restaurant / Ordering a dish from Sabai Dee Thai Restaurant is like opening a new box of crayons. Their Yum Yum salads arrive looking like leafy parfaits–colorful peppers tossed with pineapple and glass noodles spread over a blanket of crisp lettuce and a warm sweet red chili sauce.

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Walter’s Karaoke Shop

Walter’s Karaoke Shop / Walter Omori sells karaoke machines. So how did he end up carrying slabs of Himalayan rock salt–a chef novelty item that can be used in lieu of a pan or plate for cooking or serving food–in his store?

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BLT Steak cooking classes

BLT Steak cooking classes / Why would a restaurant give cooking classes? If more people cook at home, isn’t that less business for the restaurant?


Melt / “Food trucks–not as easy, nor as cheap to start-up as they appear,” says Martha Cheng. That said, her new Melt truck has hit the cheesy spot perfectly.

Hale‘iwa Farmers’ Market

Hale‘iwa Farmers’ Market / Haleiwa Farmers’ Market is celebrating kalo from loi to pai‘ai, while also offering up more modern takes on the starchy tuber so intertwined with Hawaiian culture. The festival will include tours of nearby loi in Waimea Valley and Namea Kupono in Waialua, as well as Lovan’s Taro Farm, which grows dryland taro varieties.

Jackfruit doesn’t look particularly inviting from the outside: It’s thorny and intimidatingly large, with the slight smell of garlic (though not quite as pungent as durian). Once cut open, however, the aroma of a ripe jackfruit is reminiscent of pineapple and banana.

The annual Hawai‘i Pacific Island Kava Festival

The annual Hawai‘i Pacific Island Kava Festival / ‘Awa (also referred to as kava) is a pepper plant. Its scientific name means “intoxicating pepper” and it was traditionally made by grinding the root and straining it with cold water through coconut husk or shredded bark.

Terry’s Place

Terry’s Place / Even those who live close to the iconic Chinatown Cultural Plaza may still not have figured out the lay of the maze-like, multi-floored plaza. Aside from the dim sum places and Chinese bakeries one would expect to find, a few wrong turns into loading zones prove there are surprises around every corner.

Kanu Hawai‘i's Eat Local Challenge

Kanu Hawai‘i's Eat Local Challenge / It’s election season, but voting isn’t confined to the polls. These days, we’re being encouraged to vote with our forks: Every food purchase is a potential vote for a more sustainable food system.

Nu‘uanu Okazuya

Nu‘uanu Okazuya / You may have seen custard-filled andagi at Shirokiya or andagi dogs at Okinawan festivals, but have you ever had strawberry li hing mui or gingersnap andagi? Add 76 more flavors and counting, and you get the idea of what the 30-plus-year-old Nuuanu Okazuya has to offer.

Mauna Kea Tea

Mauna Kea Tea / Takahiro Ino, farmer of Mauna Kea Tea on the Big Island, begins his biography with the question, “What is life?” He may not have found the answer when he studied philosophy in college, embarked on months-long backpacking trips and experimented with “living off the land” in the Sierra Wilderness (he found himself chasing bears with a hand knife for food), but his experiences led him to natural farming, and specifically, farming tea. “I could have decided to farm anything, tea is just a mechanism for understanding what nature can produce,” Ino says.

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