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In a budget crisis, the first school programs to get axed are usually the creative ones, so local guitar heroes John Cruz, Jack Johnson and Makana have teamed up with Guitars in the Classroom, a nationwide program that teaches teachers to play the guitar–while teaching science, math or history, for example–so that, even if band class is cancelled, music still finds its way into the curriculum. Gift idea: GITC has offered up for auction a Kohala Kanikapila style ‘ukulele with iconic autographs from such greats as Jack Johnson, Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons and John Cruz.

Kumu Kahua Theatre is offering a package of tickets called the Triptych, granting access to each of their remaining three shows of the season: A Cage of Fireflies, All That Remains and Sound and Beauty for $45. With normal ticket prices set at $20/ticket, getting three for $45 is a gift for your friend, a gift to the theater and a gift to your bank account.

Ever wanted your name engraved into a panel in the shape of a leaf where thousands of young eyes will read it? Even if this hasn’t been your personal goal (until now), consider buying a Donor Leaf for yourself or someone you love in the Hawaii Nature Center’s 1,000-square foot rain pavilion.


Intro / You can find happiness giving either things or experiences, but it’s even better when you can find a way to do both. Here’s a holiday guide of gifts that give your recipient something good and yourself a good conscience, by including a sweet kickback to a cultural institution that could always use more support.

The garage wants to be the most popular garage in town. Or rather, The ARTS at Marks Garage has a goal to reach 1,001 friends, or donors, by 2014.

Babies are equal parts cute and constant bodily fluid flow. You cannot have enough absorbent materials on hand to keep the oozing from your bundle of joy under control.

Having a little one sweeps many of us into a world of uncertainty. Certain panic can ensue when they are sick or needing medical attention on an otherwise relaxing Sunday evening.

Many DIY endeavors end in shattered Pinterest dreams for those of us born sans a crafty gene. Although we try our hardest to hand-make, we often end up with goodies-gone-bad because the truth is, we need guidance.

While there are a million keiki clothing companies, there’s something that feels more special about clothes that are made by a local, stay-at-home mommy who hand-creates it all. It feels even more authentic to find her wares at a local craft fair.

Holly Jolly Garments! It’s an unwritten rule: Buy someone clothing, be sure it comes with a gift receipt.

Holly Jolly Garments! It’s an unwritten rule: Buy someone clothing, be sure it comes with a gift receipt.

Cheers Couture Diane Von Furstenberg, Aloha Rag, milk & honey The occasion: “The Cocktail.” In this economy, it’s natural for someone to want to get glam and Occupy Bar once in a while, right? Go all out in high fashion style with haute shops like the new Diane Von Furstenberg or the exclusive boutique collections at milk & honey and Aloha Rag that are sure to turn heads (they did on the Parisian runways, anyway).

Soak Up The Sun Local Motion, Pualani, Hawaiian Island Creations The occasion: “The Beach.” Okay, living in Hawaii, it’s something of a strain to consider going to the beach an “occasion.” That’s why getting dressed for it is akin to slipping on a pair of socks. Going to the beach is like any other thing.

Sweat Some Style Lululemon, HNL Fight Shop, American Apparel The occasion: “Da Gym.” Between treadmills and bench presses, they won’t really need you to look good, thankfully. But you can still help them in the process.

Philanthropic gifts are those that truly keep on giving. They can’t break, go out of style or be exchanged for a different size.

Explore. Enjoy.

Walk the Walk Honolulu Aids Walk Volunteer with the Life Foundation, a local organization that provides services to those living with HIV/AIDS, (as well as free HIV testing and education), during the 21st annual Honolulu AIDS Walk at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand on Sunday, April 15, 2012. Performances, food, prizes and family fun follow the 5K.

Clean a Beach Local Foundations Take your family and friends to participate in a beach cleanup: There is a cleanup almost every weekend if you explore opportunities with the Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Adopt-A-Beach Hawaii and Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii (B.E.A.C.H.). Surfrider’s offering a Holiday Gift Member Package that includes a one-year membership, a bar of Matunas natural wax, a bamboo wax comb and six issues of Making Waves.

Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Gift Guide / There are many amazing local non-profits. Here are just a few inspirational organizations that could use your physical or financial gifts.

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The Wedding Café

The Wedding Café / One of the sweetest parts of Christmas is exchanging baked goodies with your neighbors. Unfortunately, not everyone was born to be a pastry chef.

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Hawai‘i Doggie Bakery

Hawai‘i Doggie Bakery / While you’re busy shopping for all your human friends, take a minute to remember your most loyal friend of all–your little dog. The Hawaii Doggie Bakery creates ridiculously epicurean treats that’ll be sure to get your canine barking.

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Honolulu Chocolate Company

Honolulu Chocolate Company / The Aztecs believed chocolate to be the food of the Gods. This is especially true in the case of the Honolulu Chocolate Company, where the handmade chocolates are a celebration of the bean’s freshness and natural goodness.

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Sedona / Sedona at Ward Warehouse carries an award-winning collection of rocks (as well as other so-called “supernatural” products) with a knowledgeable staff to help you find just what you need. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that amethyst fought off intoxication.

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Nohea Gallery

Nohea Gallery / Available at the Nohea Gallery, artist Marian Fieldson’s handmade lava platters are beyond exquisite. Shimmering with mermaid-like colors, a first glance at these delicate glass works are mesmerizing.

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Laka Skincare and Spa / Laka Skincare and Spa takes pampering to the next level. Using the finest products from Laka, Grace Kelly’s island of Monaco, they are exclusively European in style, where natural health services are highly valued.

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