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Image: Laura Chartier

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KICKS/HI / Custom-designing your own shoe from mega-corps like Nike is so 2005. The sneaker freak’s latest must-have? Limited-edition Reebok Pumps from KICKS/HI. The Pump 20– Hawaii-inspired bright blue on a sandy sole and based on the 1989 hi-top originals–was released at the Makaloa store last weekend. With fewer than three dozen numbered pairs in limited edition, we’ll be shocked if there are any left for sale by the time this paper hits the streets. No worries, KICKS/HI has all kinds of sick kicks (not to mention hats, shirts and more) for the sneaker-collector or skate-gear enthusiast on your gift list.

KICKS/HI, 1530 Makaloa Ave., [], 941-9191