Gift Guide

Comes with video

You can find all kinds of crafty homemade goods–some of them made by local talents, so search by region–on []. We like the bracelets and earrings made from recycled bicycle chains, and pendants with sporty charms like skateboards and sneakers. There are also plenty of earrings, buttons, headbands and all kinds of homemade accessories featuring various team logos.

And while unwrapping something is always fun, we love the gifts that involve getting out there and doing something. You could plan an active afternoon that includes skating at Ice Palace. We also like the higher-energy idea of giving someone a pair of boxing gloves to unwrap, with a package of lessons to go with them. Still not extreme enough? One of the most fun presents we ever received was a day of jumping out of airplanes at Dillingham Airfield. This one’s pricy–especially since it’s really only fair for the gift-giver to jump, too–but Skydive Hawaii offers a view of the North Shore unlike any you’ve seen on the ground, not to mention a healthy dose of adrenaline. A word of advice: Only give this present to someone you absolutely know wants it.

Ice Palace, 4510 Salt Lake Blvd. #B6, [],487-9921
Skydive Hawaii, 68-760 Farrington Hwy, #1, Dillingham Airfield, Call ahead for reservations at [], 637-9700