Gift Guide

Working a soup line at Christmas or chipping in at a shelter on Christmas Eve–these are generous acts. What service groups desperately need, however, are more long-range commitments.

This year, consider a “bundled” gift of money and time at a nonprofit whose mission you value.

“There are a lot of institutions that do need help, and it’s more than serving cranberries on Thanksgiving,” Aleck said. “If someone’s willing to make a longer term commitment of time, even if infrequently, it can make a big difference.

“I read a letter the other day where someone had gone to visit a veteran in a VA hospital and realized that most of the vets were not getting any visitors at all. If somebody wants to give a little bit of money to a program for disabled or homeless veterans, that’s great, but then also spend a little bit of time. Go see what kind of help a veteran’s hospital needs. That could be a bundle where you give a onetime gift but the long-term gift of your time has so much more meaning.”

Leahi Hospital, the largely forgotten facility near Dianmond Head, still features 190 beds, where staff provide adult day health and residential nursing home care. Hansen’s Disease patients are treated at Leahi’s Hale Mohalu [], 733-7934
Shriner’s Hospital for Children specializes in pediatric care. []