Gift Guide

Ask a local shelter about its wish list.

Aleck reminds us to remember domestic violence shelters when donating clothes, blankets and other items. Their addresses are tightly guarded secret, for obvious reasons, but groups like the Domestic Violence Action Center (531-3711) and others are glad to accept public support.

Find out what outreach programs are offered through a local church.

Many churches, like ‘Aina Haina’s Calvary-by-the-Sea, offer extensive services and outreach to the needy and underserved. Many are in constant need of volunteers, and almost all welcome contributions. Ask a church near you about its programs.

Leave stuff out.

Aleck points to the HI-5 “recycling bins” dreamed up by the University of Hawaii’s Gaye Chan. “I’m all for guerilla style efforts,” she says. “If you simply leave something useful out in an area where homeless people are, it will be put to use.”