Gift Guide

Comes with video

We also recommend looking for ways to pad a sports fan’s bookshelves. Bill Simmons’ new book, The Book of Basketball is a no-brainer for regular Page 2 readers–and the perfect thing to read on the beach Christmas day. We also recommend Simmons’ Now I Can Die in Peace, along with Last Team Standing: How the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles Saved Pro Football During World War II, by Matthew Algeo, which begins with a remarkable account of how news of the Pearl Harbor attacks rippled through American football stadiums on that infamous Sunday in 1941.

As far as odds-and-ends go, it’s always fun to get gifts that come as a complete surprise to the receiver. Not that anyone has landlines anymore, but we’re still into those football phones you used to get for free with a subscription to Sports Illustrated. They’re all over eBay. We’re also big fans of homemade or home-assembled gifts–like making a throw pillow out of vintage fabric from a favorite team or putting together a gift-basket of delectable microbrews. Whole Foods has an incredible stock of hard-to-find beers that would make any hops-loving sports-fan’s game day. Cheers and happy holidays!

Whole Foods, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Avenue, 738-0820