Gift Guide

Every year around this time, the Weekly tries to help readers sort through the consumerist frenzy that descends each winter like a vaguely benevolent heart attack, one that can’t quite kill us but nevertheless does its best to spoil the party.

There’s nothing wrong with giving, of course–for our part, we just think the holiday season is at its best when we’re a little more thoughtful about our choices, and when we focus not only on the perfect gifts, but also on where and how we found them. The Honolulu Weekly Holiday Gift Guides represent our effort to help shoppers and local businesses find one another beneath the noise of frenetic advertising and 5am big-box openings.

This year’s lineup includes a special neighborhood shopping guide next week, followed by a look at great gifts for kids on Dec. 2. Sports and Outdoors will be in focus on Dec. 9, and we’ll wrap up our gift guides on the 16th with a special last-minute food and drink guide. As always, the focus will be on ways to invest in our community while not sacrificing on quality and charm.