Gift Guide

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Ice cream ball — Have a ball while making ice cream. Simply fill the inner chamber of the ball with ice cream mix, the outer compartment with ice and salt, and roll/shake/pass the ice cream ball for about 20 minutes for ice cream.

$42 at The Compleat Kitchen, Kahala Mall, 737-5827

Japanese treats — This time of year, Shirokiya’s aisles are packed with beautiful gift boxes of noodles, cookies, arare (rice crackers), mochi and tsukemono (doesn’t everybody like pickles?). You might need to bring a friend who reads Japanese, though, to help you differentiate among the 26 varieties of cookies alone.

Price varies, Shirokiya,Ala Moana Shopping Center, 973-9111

Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur — This sweet, almost syrupy liqueur made with 100 percent Kona coffee beans, tastes of pure coffee, undiluted by artificial flavors. If you’ve given your coffee lover a bag of coffee every year, here’s your chance to mix it up.

$22, The Liquor Collection at Ward Warehouse, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, 524-8808

Lingerie — Things will heat up in the kitchen with a gift of Victoria’s Secret’s jaunty little (emphasis on little) apron slash lingerie. One of those presents where there’s as much fun in the giving as the receiving.

$48, Victoria’s Secret at Ala MoanaCenter, 951-8901

Menehune Mac — A one-stop shop for favorite locally-made treats like Hawaiian Chip Company taro and sweet potato chips, For J’s flavored salts (‘alae, kiawe smoke) and sugars (mango, lychee and pineapple), A Latta Gelata gelato pints, and of course, Menehune Mac’s macadamia nut cookies and candies.

Price varies, Menehune Mac,707-A Waiakamilo Road, 841-3344,[]

Nani Moon Mead — Using island fruits, honey and tea, this “nectar of the Gods” is crafted on Kauai for a light, semi-dry mead. Choose from Pineapple Guava Sunset ($18) and Laka’s Nectar ($22).

The Liquor Collection at Ward Warehouse, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, 524-8808, Whole Foods, Kahala Mall, 738-0820, Kokua Market, 2643 South King Street,941-1922. More locations listedat [].

Otto Cake — Based on a family tradition and recipe, Otto bakes up Cinnamon Christmas Morning Cakes for the holiday season.

$15 for an 8-inch cake, $20 for a 10-inch. Call 834-OTTO to preorder. 1160 Smith St.

Pasta — Sun Noodle Factory manufactures dried pastas in flavors like nori and macadamia nut for a local flare. Cooked, the texture of the noodles is a cross between udon and dried Italian pastas–for your budding Hawaii Regional Cuisine chef.

$2.25 – $2.75 at Ka Lei Marketplace, 3585 Waialae Avenue, 737-7665,Executive Chef, Ward Center,596-CHEF, Menehune Mac, 707-A Waiakamilo Road, 841-3344

Quail egg cutters — Someone you know has The French Laundry Cookbook already, but can’t get past page 18 without causing a mini yolk massacre. These scissors resemble cigar cutters and help cooks efficiently and neatly snip off the tops of quail egg shells, ensuring that they’ll be making Lilliputian loco mocos for the family come New Years’ brunch.

Shirokiya [when in stock], Ala Moana Shopping Center, 973-9111 or $8 online at []