Holiday Food Guide

Holiday Food Guide / Recommendation by: Dave Powers, bartender at Town

Oxo graduated stainless steel jigger

“A jigger is the main tool bartenders use to measure

ingredients for drinks, and a bar spoon is the other,” says Powers. “The typical under over jigger, which looks like two cones squished into each other, only gives you two measurements. The Oxo mini measuring cup is graduated to allow any quantity to be accurately poured. [When I got mine], I was instantly excited about how much more accurate and repeatable my drinks were turning out.”

Price: $12
Where to buy: Whole Foods, 4211 Waialae Avenue, 738-0820

Norpro stainless steel citrus juicer

“I actually usually have a back up of these,” says Powers. “They work so well, and people like them so much that I’ve been known to give them away on the spot. (No you can’t have mine, it’s my last one.)” He prefers the stainless steel juicer to the more common colored ones that are aluminum underneath the paint. He finds the paint tends to flake off and the aluminum underneath reacts with the citrus.

Price: $30
Where to buy: Compleat Kitchen, Kahala Mall, 737-5827, or []

Handmade muddler

“I’ve turned a few muddlers,” says Powers. “Handmade gifts make the best gifts anyway. [The one I use at Town] is made out of a piece of longon, or dragon’s eye, that was rescued from the dump by a conscientious wood cutter on the Windward side.”

(Editors note: if you ask nicely, and the price is right, Powers might, just might, make you a muddler for a holiday gift.)