Holiday Food Guide

Holiday Food Guide

Holiday Food Guide / Recommendation by: Martha Cheng, the Weekly’s Food and Drink editor

Big Island Bees Ohia Lehua Honey

This honey is velvet luxury in a jar. It already looks different–opaque and white like whipped butter. It’s thick and creamy, almost thick enough to chew. This delicate, floral honey is easily spooned straight from the jar into the mouth, but is also delicious on toast or drizzled over berries.

Price: about $30 at Kokua Market, 2643 South King Street Honolulu.

Tour of Frankie’s Nursery

Tropical fruits aren’t just mangoes and pineapples. Depending on the season, a tour of Frankie’s Nursery will unearth lalee jewo (a tasting of mangoes, lychee and sugarcane), chocolate sapote, mulberries, fresh nutmeg, fresh green peppercorns, and maybe even miracle berries–the little red berry that make everything tart taste sweet–the surreal taste equivalent of a hallucinogenic drug.

Frankie’s also sells trees and fruit; a self-assembled gift basket of exotic fruits and even a container tree, which would also make a great gift for loved ones less inclined to go country.

41-999 Mahiku Place, Waimanalo, 259-8737, []

The Hawaii Farmers Market Cookbook, Vol. 2

The second volume of the Hawaii Farmers Market Cookbook has recipes culled by some of Hawaii’s best-known chefs, including Kevin Chong of Mavro, Vikram Garg of the Halekulani Hotel, and Alan Wong and Roy Yamaguchi. Recipes are home-cook friendly, requiring five ingredients or less (aside from basics like oil and salt).

Price: $16, 7.99/9 oz.