Holiday Food Guide

Holiday Food Guide

For: Wine connoisseurs

Holiday Food Guide / Recommendation by: Kevin Toyama, Wine Manager and Lead Sommelier at the Halekulani Hotel.

“One of the hot new books out is ‘The Pearl of the Cote, The Great Wines of Vosne Romanee’ by Allen Meadows,” Toyama says. Meadows is a formidable, passionate, well-informed voice about the Burgundy region of France.”

Price: $90
Where to buy: []

“One of the cool gadgets I’ve heard about for opening wine is the ‘Durand’ Corkscrew. It marries a classic wine key with the Ah-so type prong that you wiggle down the side of a cork to get it out in one piece. Outstanding for old wines, as the corks are fragile.”

Price: $125
Where to buy: []

The holidays for a wine lover are never complete without a bottle to savor.

“Movia Pinot Nero, 2004 over the North-Eastern corner of Italy into Slovenia, a burly Pinot Noir with deceiving elegance…the bear in pink tights,” says Toyama.

Price: $40
Where to buy: Tamura’s Fine Wine and Liquors, 3496 Waialae Ave., 735-7100