Holiday Gift Guide 2010


Comes with video

Kinect / If the techie in your family doesn’t already own an iPad, she probably doesn’t want one. But fear not, there’s still much in the digital realm of electronic gadgets to satiate her gizmodic needs.

Microsoft released the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and it’s a game changer. Literally. Using a camera/scanner, you are now the controller. Yes, you.

While the first generation of games aren’t exactly awe-inspiring (it comes packaged with Kinect Adventures), there is one gem in the batch of initial releases: Dance Central. Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, there’s no pad or foot buttons to stomp. You literally have to dance. Songs include hits from Lady Gaga, Bell Biv DeVoe and Soulja Boy.

Of course, it goes against all the laws of video gaming. Mainly that it’s not an activity that you can do on the couch.

Note: Although it recommends 6 feet of room between you and the device, the hard truth is, you need to be, at the very least, seven feet away from the Kinect. One way to gain an extra half foot is to mount it on top of your television.

$149.99: MSRP