Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Waikiki Worm Company
Image: Kelli Bullock

Waikiki Worm Company / A container of wriggling worms or a bag of worm poop: There’s a small subset of the population that think these are great gifts…and most of them are probably gardeners. For the avid worm composter, a bag of wriggling worms is a welcome addition to a slow-growing worm system, but for those who are more squeamish, the Waikiki Worm Company also sells vermicast, a by-product of worm composting that some gardeners call “black gold.”

If your favorite gardeners don’t already have a worm bin, get them hooked on worms with the Mini Bin, a starter kit for worm composting. You can also entice them to upgrade their system to a high-rise worm paradise with the Can-o-Worms, a four-tier system that makes it easy to harvest vermicast.

Vermicast: $3 per pound $10 per ounce; Mini Bin: $20; Can-o-Worms: $345
Waikiki Worm Company, 1917 S. King Street, 945-WORM, []