Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Ultimate Fight School / Typically, people open their Christmas presents, feel happy and that’s the end. The truth is that the situation is pretty predictably depressing. So how about your stepping it up a notch this year and giving the gift that keeps on giving! Memberships are a great way to give someone you love a gift that’s fun, exciting, intriguing or educational to do… over and over again!

A Gift for Anger Management Candidates

Help your overly emotional friend stay out of jail with some kickboxing classes with UFC champ Chris “The Crippler” Leben’s Ultimate Fight School. Sometimes you just need to punch your fist against an unmovable object, and the Ultimate Fight School provides a safe environment for expressing anger before it turns to rage. Kickboxing is not only emotionally therapeutic, but the exercise also produces brain endorphins, powerful hormone-like substances that function as the body’s own natural painkillers. All it takes is moderate amounts of exercise to experience the effects and help your friend cheer up.

A month-long membership offers access to all classes, from kickboxing to ultimate training. The best part about this school is how, as kickboxer James Munro points out, “It’s all geared towards whoever’s in the class. So, depending on your skill level, they’ll work with that. The classes are small enough to allow lots of personal attention.” The only possible problem with this gift is that it could backfire…and turn your friend into a human killing machine.

Cost: Monthly membership $129
Where to buy: Ultimate Fight School, 1035 University Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816. Call 626-5283.