Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Asagi Hatchery
Image: Martha Cheng

Asagi Hatchery / Dirt and seeds and worm poop: This is the stuff of gardening gift dreams. Shopping for your favorite gardener can get a little dirty; here are some ideas they’ll really dig.

Fluffy, Big-Butt Chickens

Forget the puppy; chicks are the new fuzzballs to be found under the Christmas tree. Not only are they cute, but from a practical gardening/do-it-yourself perspective, chickens offer fresh eggs, pest control and fertilizer (aged chicken manure is food for plants). At Asagi Hatchery, pick out a Rhode Island Red or White Leghorn, or put in a request for a specialty hatch; two or three times a year, the hatchery will grow heritage breeds like Araucanas, popular for their blue eggs, and Buff Orpingtons, golden-brown chickens with big, fluffy butts.

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