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University of Hawaii men’s basketball / Nothing compares to actually being at the real game, where you can smell the sweat from the players as they dribble away to victory! Okay, so maybe you can’t smell the sweat, but you can definitely catch a whiff of the stadium’s hot dogs and California Kitchen pizzas. The University of Hawaii men’s basketball team is about to take off this spring, so why not give that Manoa maniac a season pass to all the home games. You know they’re going to eventually buy the tickets themselves, so how about saving them the trouble. Although watching the game at home is fun, nothing compares to the excitement of screaming and cheering along with thousands of fans. Win or lose, actually being at the game is a not-to-be-missed experience. With new coach Gib Arnold and promising new recruits, rumor has it that this upcoming season’s going to be a thriller. So book those tickets now in order to ensure a great seat.

Cost: $100 to $120 (depending on stadium section)
Where to buy: go to: []